SAMPLE Evripiotis Panagiotis

Athens, Greece
Agiou Konstantinou 17, Marousi,
6978-090000, 210-5650000

Panagiotis Evripiotis lives and works in Athens,Greece and practices knifemaking since 2015 with a focus on folding knives and tactical knives. He has studied and works in finance, statistics and programming. The need to create something with his hands and with the help of machinery drove him to get involved in making knives and tools with a perspective of high accuracy, symmetry and attention to detail. The result is a highly functional and ergonomic tool that is meant to be used and abused under normal and harsh conditions. The materials that he uses in his knives are top of the line like titanium, carbon fiber and power metallurgy stainless steels. His knives have been in the hands of people around the world, from Canada to Australia as well as in different European countries. Some of his work has also been presented in knifemaking magazines like the European Blade Magazine.

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