The Hellenic Knifemakers’ Guild was established in 2018 by a group of amateurs sharing a common passion for the art of knife making.
The purpose of the Guild is to revive, promote and develop the traditional art of knifemaking in Greece, where this form of art is rooting back to the ancient era, to define and protect the quality standards and principles, as well as to provide educational information for both: its members and the continuously growing local market.
Since its start, the Guild has undertaken bold action on organizing promotive events, like the 1st Annual Knifemaking exclusive exhibition in Greece, various educational seminars and numerous promotive publications at the local and international press.
Futhermore, the Guild aims to contribute in the propagation of technical and scientific knowledge related to this art, in its traditional and modern form, and encourages the affiliation and cooperation amongst its members.
Our vision is that the Guild will be a common reference point for the serious knifemaking practitioners, as well as for the expanding circle of local aficionados demanding quality art items.

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